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17 January 2022


Mr. MC Ramaphosa

The State President

Republic of South Africa


Dear Mr President




The issue of mandatory vaccination has become one of the most controversial issues globally. This is also the case here in South Africa, where it has the potential of tearing our society apart.


The focus of this open letter is your government’s persistence with a particular narrative, regardless of the fact that strong evidence exists which suggests an entirely different approach. The reason behind this is the subject of much speculation and many are convinced that your government’s motivation in driving this narrative is not entirely bona fide.


In your statement on 8 January 2022, during the ANC 110th Anniversary, you made the following remarks:


“To enable our economy to return to full operation, we urge everyone in South Africa who is not yet vaccinated to ensure they are vaccinated as soon as possible.


The ANC urges government to finalise a policy on the introduction of vaccine mandates for particular settings and activities. Such a policy would be a valuable addition to the instruments we have to contain and manage COVID-19.”


Mr President, in presenting mandatory vaccination as the only solution to the Covid-challenge, you choose to ignore the fact that:


  • generally, Covid-19 ‘vaccines’ have not been proven to provide any benefit to the community they are intended to serve;
  • ‘vaccinated’ individuals can both contract the virus, and infect others;
  • after a period of months, ‘vaccines’ become counter-productive;
  • that it in fact damages and weakens the immune system;
  • ‘vaccinated’ people are more susceptible to other variants, for instance, Delta and Omicron;
  • natural immunity to Covid-19 is robust and long-lasting;
  • the majority of South Africans are already immune to Covid-19; and
  • there are safe and effective medical measures, other than ‘vaccination’, to protect individuals and the community from Covid-19.


Mr President, it is inconceivable that you are not aware of these facts. If you are, why do you not act upon it? If you are not aware of this, why do you not allow for credible doctors and scientists, even internationally, to brief you on this? How is it that you even ignore some of the advice from the Ministerial Advisory Committee on Covid-19, appointed by the Minister of Health?


Mr President, you cannot afford to protect yourself from exposure from both sides of the current ‘vaccine’ debate. And if you do, Sir, why do you choose to ignore the other side?


Information from all over the world, including the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) in the United States of America, indicates that ‘vaccinated’ people are more susceptible to Omicron than ‘unvaccinated’ people.


The above recently caused the CEO of Pfizer to make the following statement: “Two doses of vaccine offer very limited protection, if any. Three doses with a booster offer reasonable protection against hospitalisation and death; less protection against infection.”


In view of the failure of the current product, he then went on to say that a new ‘vaccine’ will be ready by March 2022. Just imagine, he promises a new ‘vaccine’ in two months, something that normally takes 8-15 years to research and manufacture. Does that not ring alarm bells, Sir?


The CEO of Moderna also recently said that new Covid-19 ‘vaccines’ may be needed to counter Omicron.


Incidentally, Mr President, if they manage to roll out a new ‘vaccine’ in two months, and in doing so, once again, breach all ‘vaccine’ development protocols, it will be an even bigger disaster than the previous attempt, and who knows how long it will take the virus to form its next mutation?


For the CEOs of Pfizer and Moderna to make these statements, is quite profound. BizNews recently reported Pfizer admitting the current Covid-19 scenario to be “a ‘once in an epoch’ windfall for the multinational”. There are billions to be made, not only by these multinationals and pharmaceutical companies, but many institutions lower down the ‘food chain’ who feed from them.


BizNews then made the following remark: “So, expect Big Pharma and those it funds to continue fuelling doubt about another deadly outbreak around the corner.”


Mr President, you must be aware of this. For many, it is clear that this is a sham on a global scale; that it is not about a health scare, but a money-making racket. If it was about the handling of the virus, this whole matter would have been dealt with entirely differently.


The synchronized global scale of this matter is a clear indication that something sinister is going on. The ‘conspiracy theories’ emerged as a result of the lack of transparency and the promotion of only one set of information; information supporting a particular narrative, while anything in opposition thereto is largely either suppressed or ridiculed.


Right from the beginning of the Covid-19 scare, politicians globally made mention of ‘the great reset’, ‘the new normal’ and ‘the new world order’, or the South African version thereof, the opportunity for ‘radical economic transformation’, as you referred to it.


To what extent are you caught up in what appears to be this global sham; and what are your commitments in terms thereof? Do you act independently, promoting only the interests of South Africa, or are you conflicted, with commitments towards, not only foreign masters, but super-powerful multinationals?


There is a huge responsibility on your shoulders, Mr President, to do what is right for this country alone, and nobody else.


We pray that you will find the wisdom and courage to do what is right.


Yours faithfully,


G.C. Papenfus



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