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The face of the strike

Jul 25, 2014


Dear NEASA member


NEASA constantly receives reports from our members of violent incidents at their place of work. The overall picture that emerges is one of escalating violence and intimidation against business owners and those employees who want to work.


A common occurrence is that of strikers throwing stones and bricks at cars. One extremely violent case was recorded when an employee (pictured above) went to his office to collect something and minutes later he was intimidated by a group of about 60 strikers, demanding that he leaves the area.


When he drove away, the strikers threw stones at him, one of which broke the window of his bakkie and hit him on the head. He raced away, critically injured, and was treated in hospital for a cracked skull.


Again we urge our members to continue logging the strike developments at their places of work on our website.  NEASA members are able to log on with your website login details.


Kind regards

NEASA Media Team


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