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Steel Lobby - Only we can make the difference

Oct 19, 2017


Only we can make the difference

We received a tremendously positive response to our first invitation to participate in the drive to build SMME capacity aimed at meeting the challenges facing the Steel Industry. Click here to read the initial invitation.

The Steel Industry can no longer afford for employers to sit on the fence. Employer non-involvement is by default a vote for the Seifsa-approach, which not only illustrates a complete disregard for the interests of SMME’s in the Industry, but is downright hostile towards it.

The Steel Lobby offers a unique opportunity to achieve what has never been achieved before by organising the Industry to an unprecedented level.

Therefore, if for some reason you have missed our initial invitation, but you want to take part in making history, just click here.

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The malice of the wicked is reinforced by the weakness of the virtuous.
Winston Churchill


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