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Steel Industry: UIF/TERS update

Apr 9, 2020




Dear Steel Industry employer

The MEIBC has confirmed that they are in the process of finalising a Memorandum of Agreement with the UIF in order to process COVID-19 TERS claims through the council.

The final regulations issued by the Department of Employment and Labour determine that, once an MOA has been concluded between a bargaining council and UIF, employers will be obligated to apply for the COVID-19 TERS benefit through the council.

Employers who have already submitted claims to UIF directly do not need to resubmit to the council once an MOA has been concluded.

Employers who have not yet submitted have the option of waiting for the MEIBC to conclude the agreement and claim through the council or to claim directly from UIF until such a time as the MOA is concluded.

We will keep members abreast of developments in this regard.


Jaco Swart
National Manager



We are all in this together.

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