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STEEL INDUSTRY: The effect of the toxic combination of IMPORT DUTIES and AMSA's INABILITY TO SUPPLY

Nov 16, 2020


The effect of the toxic combination of

Another response by a business

In lockdown since March. How do we restart the economy and my business if there is no material available? With such a large amount of people without work, my factory can go back to full production but no material. If they don’t drop the surcharges now and keep on protecting AMSA, more people will end up on the streets.

Allow Macsteel, Trident steel and the few that are still hanging in there, to import their own materials.

AMSA will close all engineering companies in South Africa. For the first time this year, we received a very generous order for spares. We notified the rest of the people that were on short-time to come back, but now we don’t have raw materials because AMSA did not deliver it to our supplier.


How is AMSA’s inability to supply the market affecting your business?
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We are all in this together.
Privileged and challenged to be South African.


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