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STEEL INDUSTRY: The effect of the toxic combination of IMPORT DUTIES and AMSA's INABILITY TO SUPPLY

Nov 25, 2020


The effect of the toxic combination of


Another response by a business

Alternative building technology (ABT), of which a portion is cold-rolled steel is on the verge of finally reaching acceptance by many architects and engineers. The current situation of non-availability and continual price hikes from the steel manufacturers are going to make this ABT market non-competitive and will have a devastating ripple effect downstream of businesses that have taken many years of hard work to change the mindset of this building methodology. Modular and fabrication construction is the future and has an opportunity to create another skill in the labour force

All those aspirations are going to be lost!

But who cares about employment?

Who cares about industry development?

… and workforce continuity?

… and lots of skills?

… and revenue lost?

Secondary beneficiation


How is AMSA’s inability to supply the market affecting your business?
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We are all in this together.
Privileged and challenged to be South African.


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