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South Africa, "Guard your heart"

Dec 5, 2019



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Dear employer

We are often more affected by what we are told than by what we experience first-hand.

It takes a huge amount of personal leadership to be able to digest news responsibly – especially bad news.

Unfortunately, we allow bad news, which happens in different formats all over South Africa, to be continuously compounded into our minds through all forms of ‘news’. Social media is probably the worst culprit. However, we can only blame ourselves for the unfiltered negativity entering our minds.

In fact, many of us thrive on bad news. When we expose ourselves to being bombarded with negativity, we allow for something bad happening elsewhere, through our eyes and ears, to immediately be transformed into a very personal, and sombre, experience. This is further compounded by the human trait to overemphasise what is bad and to overlook that which is good.

Personal leadership is all about changing this; to focus on what is good and to have perspective on what is apparently bad. We can’t change everything. We can however change our perspective; and that changes everything!


To each and every business/NEASA member which supports our cause and which made use of our services, THANK YOU! On approximately 35 000 occasions you afforded us the privilege to engage and assist you. THANK YOU! for the fact that you persevere, sometimes against all odds, to enable South Africa to forge ahead.

We wish you the very best.

Kind Regards




Privileged and challenged to be South African.
We are all in this together.


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