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Sectoral determination for the building sector

Jun 30, 2014





Dear NEASA member


The Minister of Labour has issued a notice on 23 May 2014, advising of the commencement of an investigation into conditions of employment and wages in the Building Sector. The terms of reference of the investigation shall be to investigate the Building Sector of South Africa with a view to establishing a sectoral determination prescribing minimum wages and conditions of employment.


Interested parties are given an opportunity to submit written representations within 60 days (calculated from May 23, 2014) to the Director: Employment Standards Directorate, Department of Labour, Private Bag X117, Pretoria, 0001. Source: Parliamentary Monitoring Group (PMG).


We understand that employers may find it extremely difficult to make constructive proposals without insight into the report of the Employment conditions commission on the subject. NEASA has expressed our concern to the Department of Labour in respect of their back to front approach on these issues but it seems that the Department is adamant to continue with this practise.


We urge employers in the industry to, despite the lack of information, provide the Department with their proposals regarding conditions of employment that they believe should be contained in the sectoral determination.


Kind Regards


Jaco Swart

National Collective Bargaining Coordinator


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