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Save The Steel Downstream

Oct 10, 2016



Now is the time for drastic measures

Once you've read this, and should you identify with the contents, we request you to
support this drive by completing the petition, 
which will be handed over to Minister Rob Davies as soon as possible.



The Steel Industry downstream finds itself in a fight for its very survival.

Over and above the very adverse circumstances the Industry was subjected to over decades, the 10 percent customs duties, introduced in September 2016, contributes to the further suffocation of the Industry, whilst the 30 percent safeguard duties, whose introduction might be eminent, will result in the rapid demise of the Steel downstream.

These protectionist measures only benefit AMSA, a single monopolistic entity, at the expense of the downstream.

The argument that, as a justification for AMSA's protection, the downstream also needs protection, is a nonstarter; it is an administrative nightmare and virtually impossible to implement.

The rebate option is ineffective, adds to further red tape and it can never be a viable response to the negative challenges posed by duties.

For all the reasons above, we protest against any form of protection for AMSA, especially where it is done at the cost of the downstream.


We require your support for the 10 percent duties to be scrapped, as well as to prevent the introduction of safeguard duties by the Minister of Trade and Industry. 


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