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NUMSA’s attempts to settle at plant level

Sep 18, 2014




NUMSA’s attempts to settle at plant level

Dear NEASA member

It has come to our attention that NUMSA has approached a number of NEASA members in order to facilitate a settlement agreement at plant level.
These attempts by NUMSA is as a direct result of the recent Labour Court ruling declaring the lock out by NEASA valid.
NUMSA is desperate to find any means by which they can get their members back to work and to this end has communicated with NEASA members that they are willing to accept the demands of NEASA pending the extension of the main agreement to non-parties by the Minister of Labour.
NEASA would like to highlight a number of issues in this regard:

  1. The lock out is lawful and valid;

  2. NEASA employers are under no obligation to implement any increases at this stage;

  3. The dispute between NEASA and the trade unions is a national dispute;

  4. The dispute cannot be resolved at plant level;

  5. Plant level agreements cannot resolve the NEASA demands in respect of a new exemption policy and a 50% reduction for entry level wages.

We therefore advise members that they do not have to enter into any settlement agreement with NUMSA or any other trade union and employers may simply inform trade unions that they should negotiate with NEASA.
Should employers wish to negotiate a settlement with NUMSA or any other party trade union they are free to do so but should negotiate an agreement that is affordable and beneficial for them.
As already mentioned NEASA members are fully within their rights not to enter into any plant level agreement and to continue with the lock-out.
Should you have any queries please contact the NEASA hotline.

Kind Regards

Jaco Swart
National Collective Bargaining Coordinator


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