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NEASA’s vision for 2018 and heartfelt thanks

Nov 30, 2017


NEASA’s vision for 2018


and heartfelt thanks


Dear Employer


NEASA’s overarching vision for business in South Africa is a dispensation where the hands of business are freed to conduct their affairs in a way every business, individually and according to its unique circumstances, finds sustainable. In countries where this arrangement prevails, business thrives; not only business though: economies grow, jobs are created and poverty is consequently alleviated.


Business in South Africa must find its way in a very business hostile environment. NEASA’s focus is to, within the area of our expertise, guide you through this maze of political uncertainty, hostile legislation, red tape and complex industrial relations.


What we have accomplished in 2017, has set the tone for our vision in 2018. So what have we achieved in 2017?

• we have engaged in 33 000 face to face interventions (industrial relations and litigation) on behalf of employers – in labour law and industrial relations matters;
• we have positioned ourselves as South Africa’s most prominent role player in the area of collective bargaining; our influence on behalf of South Africa’s SMME’s is simply unmatched; and
• on the highest level we have constantly applied pressure in areas where business hostile legislation and other measures were anticipated.


Not only will we continue to focus on all of these issues in 2018, we will continue doing it

better, harder, faster.



During the next two weeks you will be preparing yourself to close your business for the December break. This last stretch of the year will require all your attention. Therefore, unless necessitated by unforeseen events, we will not communicate with you again until the second half of January 2018.


To each and every member of NEASA – thank you for your support throughout 2017. It was such an enriching experience to assist you in whatever area you needed us. Each contact was an inspiration and an opportunity to better understand the challenges employers are facing.


We wish you a blessed period of rest.


Kind regards




Success always demand a greater effort.
Winston Churchill


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