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MEIBC: Join the battle!

Nov 6, 2017



Since 2010 NEASA focused its attention on the
Steel Industry


A lot has transpired since then


Something similarly dramatic happened when the wolves returned to Yellowstone National Park – in 1995


• In that year 14 wolves were released in Yellowstone National Park
• No one expected the miracle that the wolves would bring
• It started with the wolves hunting deer
• This led to a rapidly decreasing deer population
• The wolves’ presence also caused the deer to avoid areas in the Park where they were easy prey
• As a result of the deers’ absence, those areas started to regenerate
• Forests of aspen and willow trees started to flourish
• With the trees and bushes came more berries and bugs
• As soon as that happened, various bird species started moving in
• With the increasing tree population, other species were also attracted
• The beaver, previously extinct in the region, moved back
• The dams they built, provided habitats for otters, muskrats and reptiles
• The wolves also killed coyotes
• As a result of that, the number of rabbits and mice grew
• Which meant more hawks, red foxes, baggers and weasels in the Park
• Even the population in bald eagles and ravens rose
• The wolf also changed the behaviour of the rivers
• With more balance between predator and prey, came the possibility for other species to thrive
• There was less erosion because of increased vegetation and the river banks were stabilised
• The channels narrowed
• More pools formed
• The rivers stayed more fixed in their course. Thus:
• the wolves did not only transform the great ecosystem of Yellowstone National Park,
• they also changed the Park’s physical geography.

To watch the video, click here.



Do you also see the similarities between a flourishing Yellowstone and a flourishing Steel Industry should the destroyers of our Industrial habitat (Seifsa) be removed?


Since NEASA’s challenge to the Industry destructive dispensation in 2010, we have made huge strides in changing the ‘geography’ of the Steel Industry. Business hostile agreements were set aside and none of it is currently in place. Unfortunately though, Seifsa, the cause of Industrial erosion, is still present – they need to be driven out of your territory. Only then the Industry stands a chance of flourishing.

Prospering SMMEs are vital for this Industry to flourish. Since all our attempts to convince Seifsa not to extend their ill-conceived agreements to the rest of the Industry, have failed, the only remaining option is to drive them out of the Industry. We will do this by means of mass organising, making the Industry inaccessible to the invasive species, Seifsa. Thus:
• if you want to join this fight for Industry freedom, you can do so by joining NEASA;
• if you are already a NEASA member but wish to join the Steel Lobby, click here;
• if you want assistance to escape the Seifsa web, click here.

Kind regards


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