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MEIBC: Another Seifsa misrepresentation

Oct 25, 2017


Dear Industry Employer

SEIFSA has consistently been advertising training courses on the “New MEIBC Main Agreement”.



However, the fact of the matter is:

There is no “New MEIBC Main Agreement”


The agreement being referred to is the SEIFSA agreement which only binds employers who are members of the organisations affiliated to SEIFSA –


less than 12 percent of employers in the Industry.


Although there is no MEIBC Main Agreement, SEIFSA has been sending invitations to all employers in the Industry to attend this particular workshop. We can only assume that the intention is to mislead non-parties to the agreement into complying with it even though it is of no relevance to them.




don’t waste your money,
don’t waste your time,
just ignore them.



Kind regards






A lie that is half-truth is the darkest of all lies.

Alfred Tennyson


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