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Medical certificates issued by traditional health practitioners

Aug 25, 2014



Dear NEASA member
Clause 23 (2) of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act provides that a medical certificate, for the purposes of occasional sick leave, must be issued and signed by a medical practitioner or any person who is certified to diagnose and treat patients and who is registered with a professional council established by an Act of Parliament.
The Interim Traditional Health Practitioners Council of SA came into effect on 1 May 2014. The Council was established and registered in terms of the provisions of the Traditional Health Practitioners Act, 22 of 2007. This has the effect that employees may consult registered traditional healers and may provide employers with medical certificates issued by such traditional healers. Employers may contact the Interim Traditional Health Practitioners Council of SA to verify the authenticity of medical certificates issued by traditional healers.
For any queries please contact our hotline on 0860 163 272.
Kind regards,
Jaco Swart
National Collective Bargaining Coordinator


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