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MANDATORY VACCINATIONS: Is history repeating itself?

Jan 27, 2022




by Gerhard Papenfus

Dear employer

Germany, 1933. Nazi leaders stepped up efforts to physically isolate their fellow Jews, barring them from schools and universities, cinemas, theaters and sport facilities and eventually from performing any work, thereby preventing them from earning a living.

The Nazi’s huge public works programmes boosted the economy. Their achievements encouraged many people to overlook, or even to support, radical Nazi policies.

Under the conditions of war, the Nazi regime was able to pursue their political and racial goals with radical measures.

The German media, what was left of it, was quiet. Many businesses collaborated with the Nazis – there was money to be made. Very few dared to confront the Nazis, because by doing so they not only lost out on the opportunity to profit, but also potentially lost their lives.

However, there are those who risked everything for the sake of the truth and righteousness, and to protect the vulnerable. 27 000 individuals were later acknowledged as “Righteous Among the Nations” for their effort to save people from Jewish origin.

The millions that supported the popular narrative, at the time, were eventually found wanting. They exchanged their souls for short-term benefits, comfort and temporary security. Some of them were prosecuted after the war; the rest disappeared from history – in shame, without a legacy.

Fast forward to the global village in 2022.

Once again, individuals are barred from universities, restaurants, sport facilities and the right to work. This time, a large portion of the media, business and the populace also overlook, in fact, also support these draconian measures. The difference is that, on this occasion, the mass support is as a result of a promise for protection against a health scare that kills approximately 1/1000 people.

Once again, governments globally have extensive powers, through ‘state of disaster’ provisions, or whatever it is called in different countries, to push the global ‘great reset’ agenda.

While in the 1930s the distinction was race, in 2022 it is the refusal by individuals to subject themselves to a certain medical treatment that earns them the wrath from governments, institutions, employers, friends, family members and fellow citizens; their only “sin” being the claiming of universal, and in some places, constitutional rights of bodily integrity, opinion, belief and religion.

Gerhard Papenfus is the Chief Executive of the National Employers’ Association of South Africa (NEASA).

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