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Plastics Industry: Industrial Action Hooliganism

Oct 22, 2018



in the name of



Dear NEASA employer

The ongoing NUMSA strike in the Plastics Sector has, yet again, been marred by acts of violence and hooliganism.

The purpose of industrial action is, supposedly, to force employers to concede to union demands through the withdrawal of labour. However, industrial action and indeed orderly collective bargaining in South Africa has devolved into a criminal process characterised by violence, malicious damage of property, intimidation and gangsterism and is hardly recognisable as the orderly collective bargaining envisaged by lawmakers.

It is our view that NUMSA and its members does not recognise the principle of the rule of law but rather wish to operate in a state of anarchy.

Criminal actions during the current industrial action were perpetrated despite being prohibited by legislation and despite an interdict having been obtained in the Labour Court ordering strikers to refrain from such behaviour.

NEASA and the Plastic Converters’ Association of South Africa (PCASA) strongly condemn all forms of violence and criminal activities and will be pursuing legal avenues in respect of damages and contempt of court proceedings.

Setting alight your livelihood …
… and that of your family …

These senseless actions perpetrated by striking workers and their supporters may, ironically, prove to be completely counterproductive as some of the employers whose property and factories have been destroyed already indicated that they will not rebuild, resulting in the loss of hundreds, if not thousands, of jobs.

Life is hard, but it’s harder if you are stupid
Michael Crichton

Kind Regards



Privileged and challenged to be South African.
We are all in this together.


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