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Covid-19: Regulations for SMMEs operating grocery stores

Apr 7, 2020




Dear employer

The Department of Small Business Development has issued regulations pertaining to the operation of SMME’s operating grocery stores during the lockdown.

Although the regulations are mainly aimed at assisting spaza shops and informal traders, they are applicable to all SMMEs as set out below:

SMMEs operating grocery stores including corner shops, spaza shops, fruit and vegetable stores. The “Informal Food Traders”, as referred to in the regulations, are limited to fruit and vegetable informal traders, and the ‘Langanas’ who operate in the Northern Cape and Western Cape.

The provision of these goods is viewed as an essential service and these businesses may therefore continue to trade under the following conditions:

• all enterprises must ensure that no more than the absolute minimum number of staff necessary to safely operate the enterprises are at work during the lockdown period. Furthermore, employers are encouraged to provide transport for their employees during the lockdown period;
• grocery stores are permitted to operate during the lockdown period irrespective of the nationality of its owner/s;
• all spaza shop owners and informal food traders must hold a permit issued by their respective local municipalities allowing them to trade;
• no person may stay in a grocery store overnight in contravention of the Food Safety and Health Standards;
• only the sale of foodstuff and basic necessities are permitted;
• all staff must at all times carry a permit to perform essential services as contemplated in the lockdown regulations;
• a stamp, or authorised signature, on the permit to perform essential services, is acceptable;
• all staff must at all times carry a positive photo identification;
• the grocery stores must uphold the health and hygiene requirements by:

1. maintaining a social distance among customers and between the trader and customer of at least one meter;
2. disinfecting and sanitising trading spaces in line with the directions issued by the Department of Health.

Please click here to view the regulations.







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