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COVID-19 Lockdown: TERS-Funding: Why does it need to be so difficult?

May 8, 2020




According to NEASA’s latest survey, only 47% of employers that have applied for TERS benefits, have received it – or at least part of it.

However, this is just half the story. The enclosed letter perhaps explains why thousands of employers could not even manage to apply:
“… for your own information, it is my opinion from this experience that the UIF site and its processes are totally opaque. Its extremely inaccessible and very, very difficult to navigate. Both my wife and I hold university degrees (I was a teacher and headmaster and CEO of Chartered … – my wife holds a masters degree in mathematics and was a senior maths lecturer at …) – so we are not stupid people – we have some intellect and much experience in IT and systems – and we are unable to successfully navigate the system”.


To the UIF I want to say this: if you are really smart, you will be able to simplify it.

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We are all in this together.

Privileged and challenged to be South African.


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