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COVID-19 Lockdown: Alert level 3 - Regulations amended

Jul 13, 2020


… navigating through the COVID-19 LOCKDOWN scandal …



Dear employer

The President, on 12 July 2020, announced amendments to the current Alert level 3 lockdown regulations.

Although there are not many new amendments, some are significant.

The most significant amendments for employers, relate to the provision and wearing of cloth masks in the workplace. In terms of the new regulations, an employer must provide every employee with a cloth face mask, homemade item or other appropriate item that covers the nose and mouth.

Even though the requirement to provide a mask is not new, there is now a legal obligation on employers to enforce the wearing of masks in the workplace. An employer who fails to take reasonable steps to enforce the wearing of masks in the workplace now commits a criminal offence and may be liable for a fine or six months imprisonment or both.

Employers should therefore take heed of this regulation.

The amendments further impose a curfew between 21:00 and 4:00 during which time every person should be at home, except those traveling for work, medical emergency or security reasons. Persons traveling for work must be in possession of a permit that complies with Form 2.

The sale of alcohol has again been prohibited.

The amendments also clarified the confusion that seemingly existed surrounding the accommodation sector, confirming that accommodation establishments may only operate for purposes of business, quarantine or for remaining tourists. Accommodation for leisure purposes is therefore still not allowed.

The remainder of the amendments deal with access to public places and the obligation to wear masks as well as limitations on public transport.

Please click here to view the regulations.

Please CLICK HERE to view Gerhard Papenfus’ article ‘SORRY MR PRESIDENT, YOU LACK CREDIBILITY’, published earlier today.

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