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An Opportunity for Business to Stimulate Entrepreneurship In their Local Community

May 11, 2022


(This initiative was launched by NEASA in October 2021)

Dear employer

Government cannot create jobs; this responsibility rests on the shoulders of business.
The stimulation of entrepreneurship is the only solution for South Africa’s dire unemployment predicament; South Africa’s expanded unemployment rate stands at 47%, and the youth unemployment rate currently at a staggering 65%.
What NEASA presents in this communiqué, is an opportunity, in cooperation with a specialist service provider, which will enable established businesses, big and small, to make a difference by stimulating entrepreneurship in their local economies.

Through this initiative, NEASA provides employers access to a sustainable, tax-beneficial solution, which will benefit:

  • employers; and
  • the unemployed youth
    • between the ages of 18-26; and
    • with at least a grade 10 certificate.

The essential elements of this program are:

  • social upliftment – stimulation of employment and entrepreneurship in your own community;
  • the youth will be taught the basics of entrepreneurship by means of a 12-month entrepreneurial learnership program, which will be conducted on a mobile phone-based trading and training platform;
  • this is an employer sponsored program, financed by virtue of their available tax rebates;
  • the mobile phone-based trading and training platform will enable the South African youth to create a business and sell products in the area where they are situated;
  • at no stage will the learners involved be based on the premises of the employer;
  • the trading and training are facilitated by a specialist SETA-accredited service provider;
  • the learners trade where they are located and are not required to travel anywhere;
  • the entire initiative provides huge financial benefit for the local economy;
  • for instance, a business can provide discounted products and services to the learner, who in turn, through trading, introduces it into the local informal economy; and

the increase in trade will lead to economic growth and job creation, which will reduce poverty and crime.


The next frontier of economic growth of South Africa lies in the rural areas, as the metropolitan areas are saturated and cannot sustain an increase in urbanization.



  • the cost of the learnerships is funded through tax rebates, which result in a zero-sum financial cost for the business over a 12-month period; and   
  • these learnerships count towards various elements on your BBBEE-scorecard. 

This is an opportunity that no business, which wants to improve South Africa’s current socio-economic profile, can afford to miss.


Should you wish to participate in this program, please click here.


For more information:
NEASA Media Department 


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