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A MUST READ (Part 11): Why the so-called "consolidated main agreement" should not be extended to non-parties - 90% of employers in the Steel Industry.

Oct 3, 2022


Dear Steel Industry employer

What follows is another letter by a Steel Industry employer to the Minister of Employment and Labour.









Letter by employer: 

XXXXXX wishes to make strong objection to the metal industries bargaining councils’ attempts to extend the main agreement to non-parties

We currently employ 21 people, all of whom are cared for in terms of all statutory and Labour Law requirements. Should the main agreement be extended, our company will take a financial downturn, which will make future skilled and unskilled employment very difficult and could lead to retrenchments. Wages are reviewed annually in line with employee performance and the wellbeing of the company.

Application to be exempt from increases has proven to be onerous and merciless in the past.

The Metal Industries has become South Africa’s most fragile industry and is fast dying out in favour of cheaper and easier imports, rather than provision of real employment for real South Africans. Statistics have shown that the industry was the second biggest job-shedding industry in the last financial quarter and the last couple of years.

We trust that your good judgement and legal knowledge will prevail in this most important decision that will affect many small businesses and the lively hood of many employees and future employees, Mr Nxesi.

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NEASA Media Department 


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