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National minimum wage is unaffordable - interview with Gerhard Papenfus

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Date Added: 2015/10/13

In the spotlight of this month’s Business Brief – South Africa’s most widely read business magazine – is Gerhard Papenfus’ article, Minimum Wage: No Lasting Benefit, which was published on page 68. In light of this article, Gerhard Papenfus was interviewed by Errol Ballentine on Radio Today Johannesburg, where an informative discussion took place on the ANC wanting to introduce a nationally accepted minimum wage and how this will impact small business. Mr Ballentine heralds Gerhard Papenfus as a “true South African hero” and commends NEASA for singlehandedly being the voice for and champion of SMMEs

Listen to podcast (Please note, the podcast is 13min long)

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