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NEASA to bring an urgent application against MEIBC in Labour Court today

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Date Added: 2014/09/25

25 September 2014

Today the National Employers’ Association of South Africa (NEASA) lodged an urgent application in the Labour Court to prevent the Metal and Engineering Bargaining Council (MEIBC) from requesting the Minister of Labour to extend the July 2014 agreement between the federation Seifsa and trade unions, to parties/employers who were not party to that agreement.
All indications are that the MEIBC wants to push through its request to Minister Mildred Oliphant expeditiously. The Minister's officials have already given the MEIBC an undertaking to fast track this request to the Minister, notwithstanding obvious reasons why the Minister cannot extend the Seifsa/trade union agreement.
In the urgent application, to be heard in the Labour  Court in Johannesburg today, NEASA seeks the following relief:

  • that the Management Committee, purportedly appointed by the MEIBC's Annual General Meeting earlier, be declared invalid; and

  • that all decision taken by the Management Committee of the MEIBC, relating to the request to the Minister of Labour to extend the Seifsa/trade unions agreement, be declared invalid

'At the time of signing this agreement, Seifsa's CEO admitted that Seifsa reluctantly agreed to the agreement and agreed that it will lead to heavy job losses. Seifsa, with the help of primarily NUMSA, the MEIBC and the Department of Labour, now attempts to extend this agreement to the rest of the Industry. This is simply ludicrous. We owe it to the Metal Industry to prevent this from happening,' says Gerhard Papenfus, NEASA Chief Executive.

NEASA is aware of desperate attempts by the parties to push this agreement upon the rest of the Industry.
'It is obvious that the Council is fully aware that the decisions are unlawful and invalid and as a result is now endeavouring to push through the extension before the decisions can be set aside by the Labour Court,’ Papenfus added.

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Sya van der Walt-Potgieter
Media Liaison

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