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Videos: Youth unemployment in South Africa

Gerhard Papenfus was interviewed for the programme Robinson Regstreeks on Kyknet. He was commenting about youth unemployment in South Africa. Watch the interview:   ...
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Podcasts: The Demise Of The Metal Industry Bargaining Council

Following his recent opinion piece: The Demise Of The Metal Industry Bargaining Council, Gerhard Papenfus (Chief Executive of NEASA) was interviewed on Radio 702. ...
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Videos: Collective agreements are making it impossible for SMMEs to do business

COSATU has described a court challenge against section 32 of the Labour Relations Act as an attack on the working class. The chief executive of NEASA, Gerhard Papenfus s...
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Podcasts: Discussing the topic: I'm ‘white’: what's my role?

Mr Gerhard Papenfus was interviewed on the morning talk show on SA FM regarding his recent opinion piece titled “I’m White: What’s My role? To listen...
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Videos: Racism debate on ETV sunrise

Gerhard Papenfus was on the morning talk show - ETV Sunrise, which hosted a debate “Your View” on racism, this follows several racial spats on social media. Watch the video: ...
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Podcasts: Racism: do not whitewash the reality

Gerhard Papenfus, the Chief Executive of  NEASA, was interviewed on Voice of the Cape Radio Station on 20 January 2016, following his opinion piece titled - Racism:...
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Videos: Job opportunities for Matric Graduates

Mr Papenfus, Chief Executive of NEASA was interviewed on SABC News Channel 404, about his views on the job prospects and other opportunities available to matric graduates a...
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Podcasts: Gerhard Papenfus - a true south african hero

In a recent interview with Radio Today Johannesburg our CE, Mr Papenfus, was hailed by the presenter of the show, Errol Ballentine, as a “true South African hero&rdqu...
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Podcasts: National minimum wage is unaffordable - interview with Gerhard Papenfus

In the spotlight of this month’s Business Brief – South Africa’s most widely read business magazine – is Gerhard Papenfus’ article, Minimum Wa...
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Videos: Protest march organised by Cosatu

Tania Page who reports for Al-jazeera covered the protest march on 7 October 2015, organised by Cosatu. She mentions Mr Papenfus comments about the unaffordability of a nat...
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