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Podcasts: Over 15 000 businesses and individuals supporting Finance Minister Pravin

Gerhard Papenfus was interviewed on Power FM, (Power Business) with talk show host Godfrey Mutizwa on 25 October 2016. He discusses why NEASA and over 15 000 businesses and...
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Podcasts: Should the current BEE policies be scrapped or reformed?

South Africa’s BEE policies have not worked, nor did they make South Africa a fairer and more prosperous country. They have only led to a small elite group benefiting...
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Podcasts: Concerns over the protectionist duties placed on cheap imports favouring ArcelorMittal

Gerhard Papenfus, was interviewed on talk radio 702, on the John Robbie show talking about his recent open letter to the Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies regarding th...
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Podcasts: Why steel import tariffs should be scrapped

Gerhard Papenfus was interviewed on Power FM, discussing why steel import tariffs should be scrapped. Gerhard Papenfus, is of the opinion that Amsa has failed to upgra...
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Podcasts: Call to scrap steel import tariffs imposed to protect steel producer ArcelorMittal SA (AMSA)

Gerhard Papenfus was interviewed on RSG FM on 31 August 2016, commenting on the steel tariffs imposed to protect ArcelorMittal SA (AMSA). Download the podcast (Pl...
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Podcasts: Increasing the proposed national minimum wage

Gerhard Papenfus was interviewed on Talk radio 702/Cape Talk, “The Midday Report”, with Steven Grootes, discussing the issue of increasing the national minimum ...
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Videos: 2016 National Wage Negotiations: All Industries

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Podcasts: State of the steel industry

Mr. Papenfus was interviewed yesterday on RSG FM, regarding the state of the steel industry following his recent opinion piece titled: Sacrificing The Steel Industry To Sav...
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Podcasts: Social Rasicm

Gerhard Papenfus discusses the incident and that happened where a Rhodes Must Fall movement member reduced a waitress to tears – by writing “we wil...
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Podcasts: Should businesses play a bigger role in social development in SA

Mr. Papenfus was interviewed on the Redi Tlhabi morning show on talk radio 702/Cape Talk on 2 May 2016.   Eusebius McKaiser (standing in for Redi Tlhabi) probed...
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