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General: Season's Greetings

Dear Neasa memberAs another year grows to a close, I take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support. It is you, our member, who makes NEASA what it is. 201...
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General: Minimum Wage Increase – Domestic Workers and Contract Cleaners

Dear Neasa memberThe Department of Labour has announced the increase of minimum wages for domestic workers and contract cleaners. Full details can be obtained from the link be...
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Dear Neasa memberOn 5 December 2012 NEASA published a newsletter under the heading “Tax money used for job creation.”  To view this newsletter kindly click he...
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General: Tax Money used for Job Creation

Dear Neasa memberAccording to Business Day, government’s Job Fund, since its launch last year, has spent R3 bn and created 745 jobs – at a cost to tax payers of mo...
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