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MEIBC: Downstream users reject steel import tariff plan

Import tariffs would only protect the main steel producers and deny downstream manufacturers the benefit of the cheaper steel. Business day carried an article following an ...
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Videos: Impact of steel import tarrifs

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MEIBC: Attempt to rescue steel workers fails

Up to 40 000 steel workers could lose their jobs after talks between government and labour failed to find short term solutions to the job crisis in the Industry. NEASA has ...
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Opinion pieces: ‘Captains’ of Industry caught in their own trap

‘Captains’ of Industry caught in their own trap By Gerhard Papenfus For the Afrikaans version of this Opinion Piece, please click here &nb...
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MEIBC: Claim your Collective Bargaining Levies

MEIBC CLAIM YOUR COLLECTIVE BARGAINING LEVIES   Dear Industry Employer   We have previously circulated a number of communique requesting employers to ...
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Opinion pieces: The National Democratic Revolution: Revenge, Entitlement and Lasting Poverty

The National Democratic Revolution:  Revenge, Entitlement and Lasting Poverty By Gerhard Papenfus   During the ANC's recent lekgotla, the Minister ...
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NEASA in the news: SA's collective bargaining system needs reform

The country’s collective bargaining system should be scrapped or drastically reformed before it implodes and leads to anarchy in industrial relations. Pretoria News c...
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NEASA in the news: Scrap collective bargaining system, say employer bodies

In an article published today, 6 August 2015, in the Cape Times, employer bodies are calling for the scrapping or drastic reformation of the collective bargaining system in...
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NEASA in the news: Import tariff 'can save steel jobs'

The Steel industry is having a tough time of it with layoffs, retrenchments and poor income generated by the dumping of steel from China. In this article, in which NEASA&rs...
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