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Press releases: NEASA takes Minister of Labour to Court on extention of industry main agreement to non-parties

PRESS RELEASE- The National Employers’ Association of South Africa (NEASA) – Neasa challenges the decision by the Minister of Labour to extend the Metal Industr...
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Video links and podcasts: Neasa podcasts labour market legislation

In this edition of Classic Business, Glenn Lewington conducted in-depth interviews with the people making the news: Gerhard Papenfus, CEO of the National Employers' Ass...
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Press releases: Neasa Disappointed with Labour Department

THE NATIONAL EMPLOYERS' ASSOCIATION OF SOUTH AFRICA (NEASA) - Disappointed in Labour Department's Narrow Views on Labour Legislation. The National Employers Ass...
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Press releases: Unemployment Figures Expected to Climb

THE NATIONAL EMPLOYERS' ASSOCIATION OF SOUTH AFRICA (NEASA) - Latest unemployment figures extremely concerning. Like all South Africans, the National Employers'...
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