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NEASA in the news

MEIBC: Numsa loses big as lucrative levy lapses

A metals industry arrangement under which unions and employer bodies earned millions every year has fallen apart, leaving the National Union of Metalworkers of SA (Numsa) s...
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NEASA in the news: Bargaining levels at lowest since 2008

NEASA and The Free Market Foundation are mentioned in the Star as the two organisations who have taken the Labour Department to task, demanding that collective bargaining a...
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NEASA in the news: National Democratic Revolution: Revenge, Entitlement And Lasting Poverty

Gerhard Papenfus, the Chief Executive of NEASA, wrote an opinion piece titled: National Democratic Revolution: Revenge, Entitlement And Lasting Poverty. This opinion p...
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MEIBC: 10% duty wont help manufacturers

The imposition of a 10% duty on imported steel would not assist downstream steel manufacturers. According to Gerhard Papenfus, Chief Executive of NEASA, this duty would onl...
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MEIBC: Nothing like a crisis to foster common purpose

Why are the big steel producers being given protection that will deny downstream manufacturers the benefit of cheaper global steel? The Sunday Times carried this article on...
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MEIBC: Downstream users reject steel import tariff plan

Import tariffs would only protect the main steel producers and deny downstream manufacturers the benefit of the cheaper steel. Business day carried an article following an ...
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MEIBC: Attempt to rescue steel workers fails

Up to 40 000 steel workers could lose their jobs after talks between government and labour failed to find short term solutions to the job crisis in the Industry. NEASA has ...
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NEASA in the news: Die Nasionale Demokratiese Revolusie: Vergelding, Toeëiening en Blywende Armoede

Die Volksblad carried an opinion piece on 18 August 2015 by Gerhard Papenfus, CE of NEASA, namely The National Democratic Revolution: Revenge, Entitlement and Lasting Pover...
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NEASA in the news: SA's collective bargaining system needs reform

The country’s collective bargaining system should be scrapped or drastically reformed before it implodes and leads to anarchy in industrial relations. Pretoria News c...
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NEASA in the news: Scrap collective bargaining system, say employer bodies

In an article published today, 6 August 2015, in the Cape Times, employer bodies are calling for the scrapping or drastic reformation of the collective bargaining system in...
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