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Vision and Mission


The National Employer’s Association of South Africa is guided by an inherent drive to become the leading advocate of employers’ interests and industrial harmony.  We strive to proactively promote the interests of employers in a competitive business environment through representation, advice and quality legal services.  Our actions are based on our core values such as integrity, professionalism and trust.

We aim:

to become the most influential player in the South African collective bargaining environment;

to change labour market regulations that are stifling job creation and SMME growth; and

to provide top quality labour law, legal representation and industrial relations services at an affordable price, reducing employers’ risk to employ.

We believe we can create an environment in which employers and employees can feel secure, grow and prosper.


Our mission is to remain the most effective and influential organisation representing employers in South Africa, and to extend our capacity and level of service in order to meet the challenges of the future. We want to be the leader in dispute resolution and set the tone for collective bargaining on industry level and industrial relations in the workplace. 

We assist our members with challenges posed by labour market legislation that are detrimental to employers’ well-being. Particular emphasis will be on the severe challenges posed by labour legislation and government’s current drive with regard to Employment Equity (EE) and Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE).

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